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20 Stories - 250 pages

Authors featured in this anthology are:
E. C. Hayward, Jacek Wilkos, Sean Kennedy, Frederick Pangbourne, Thomas M. Malafarina, J. Rocky Colavito, JR Blanes, Lawrence Dagstine, Fred Bauers Jr., LJ Jacobs, Garry Engkent, Paul Wilson, Dawn DeBraal, O. R. Black, Katie Garner, Warren Benedetto, J. Iner Souster, Arón Reinhold, P. F. Grazioli, Fariel Shafee

Buy a Print copy or Kindle version from Amazon (US): (Link in bio)

RISE is available on Amazon worldwide!

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Stories that Stimulate

We celebrate stories that are both cerebral and have the capacity to appeal to our primal senses. Stories of mystery, fantasy, scifi crime, horror and everything that stimulates the most adventurous part of our mind.




Wicked Shadows Press shall publish mystery, thrillers, science fiction, horror, fantasy and their sub-genres. 



Anthology of Flash Fictions


Wicked Shadows Press invites horror flash fiction submissions for publication in its anthology "Flash of the Dead" (Expected release: March 2023). The final date of submission is January 26, 2023


PLEASE NOTE that this is an anthology of horror stories with limited word count. ONLY those horror submissions that adhere to word count specifications, shall be considered for publication.   


All Horror sub-genres are invited 




Horror Flash Fiction: (between 50-1500 words) Send no more than TWO flash fictions per submission. All Horror subgenres shall be considered


We are accepting TRANSLATED WORKS as well. Submission of translated works must be accompanied by a statement declaring that the translator has obtained the author’s permission and their publisher’s, if required.


Simultaneous Submissions are welcome but the author must inform us by e-mail as soon as the submitted piece is accepted elsewhere. Pieces cannot be withdrawn once Wicked Shadows Press informs the author of its acceptance for publication.


We consider reprints but generally do not publish them unless they are absolutely exceptional.


At present, we are unable to pay our contributors. However, each contributor shall receive a COMPLIMENTARY DIGITAL COPY of the anthology as soon as it publishes.


Manuscripts should directly be sent to


Please mention in the subject line "Submission for FLASH OF THE DEAD"


Please submit your files in the following formats: .doc /.docx /.txt. DO NOT submit PDFs. 


Wicked Shadows Press uses non exclusive rights to publish in its anthologies and website. Authors are free to republish their work anywhere else once it has been published.


Please submit only original pieces. Wicked Shadows Press or the editor/s of the anthology shall not be responsible for any disputes arising out of copyright infringement.


Each piece MUST be attached with a short bio of the author, preferably within 100 words, and if possible, a photograph to go along with publication. 


NOTE: We typically reply within a month after receiving submissions. However, replies can be delayed under unforeseen circumstances.

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